How do we see and hear other perspectives?
Storytelling, myth, and how to overcome the obstacles in your way
Communities for positive change @CrymsonPleasure | Critical Play @criticalplay | Sin Sol @michacardenas @CritRealities. #WildWomanGamer curated byโ€ฆ
This month -- @ElisaItabe on @_StardustTweets &ย  @AvaTheGame; #GamingAtTheEdge @adrishaw; @Gravity_Ghost @Livelyivy; & @VikBeeWyld @TECHniqueUK
Finding & creating space for conversations about video games -- an insight from author & presenter @jericawebber plus a look at the groundbreakingโ€ฆ
Join us with @ChellaRamanan & @shimmerwitch of @3foldgames, on developing a game about #dementia with @AlzResearchUK, plus a look at Rosa's Garden byโ€ฆ
Exploring authentic women-led narratives in games.